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‘DUCK’ is New Watchword for When Storms Loom

MANHATTAN, Kan. – The National Weather Service has a new acronym to remind children and adults alike that there are key safety rules during severe storms – especially those that might lead to tornadoes.

The acronym is DUCK – short for: Down to the lowest level; Under something sturdy; Cover your head; and Keep in the shelter until the storm has passed, said state climatologist for Kansas, Mary Knapp.

“These simple phrases can be a quick reminder for anyone of their safety plan during the chaos of a storm,” said Knapp, who directs the Kansas Weather Data Library, based at Kansas State University. She is a K-State delegate to the Extension Disaster Education Network

The NWS’ Topeka, Kan. office has designated March 12-16 as the 2012 Kansas Severe Weather Awareness Week.

Additional safety tips are available on the National Weather Service and Federal Emergency Management Agency websites: and

Information about Kansas weather is available on the Weather Data Library website:

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