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John Marshall is the retired editor-owner of the Lindsborg (Kan.) News-Record (2001-2012), and for 27 years (1970-1997) was a reporter, editor and publisher for publications of the Hutchinson-based Harris Newspaper Group. He has been writing about Kansas people, government and culture for more than 40 years, and currently writes a column for the News-Record and The Rural Messenger. He lives in Lindsborg with his wife, Rebecca, and their 21 year-old African-Grey parrot, Themis.

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    He is also the custodian of President Obama’s real birth certificate from Forbes air Force base Hospital, Topeka KS and his 9/12 court testimony may have been perjury after I’d filed my affidavit of eyewitness to circumstances of the president’s birth with him and his staff did a search for all the records. This ‘cover u seem more to be about the 3 cold murder cases of which one was his real dad and the attempted murder of his mother and he unborn back in 3/61 with no justice to date. Some may still be alive who could be brought to trial. As for voter suppression ; it is incomprehensible that the very groups ‘targeted’ have had formal federal determinations done of their age and citizenship by social security and a letter from them should settle any doubt of their right to vote. No 90 year old grandmother should be treated as some have been or any other citizen. EVERYONE REGISTER AND VOTE IN ALL ELECTIONS AS OUR VERY LIVES AND LIVELIHOODS DEPEND ON THOSE ELECTED KNOWING THAT WE,THE PEOPLE ARE THE RULERS OF THE USA UNDER THE US CONSTITUTION AND YOU WHO ARE ELECTED BY US ARE THEIR TO SERVE US. AND WE REWARD YOU BY REELECTION RATHER THAN FIRING! Those of faith know that all will be judged in the future for what we have done here as part of humanity. A lot of what is going on is not very ‘humane.’ is it? AND THAT PUTS SOULS AT RISK FOR ETERNAL LIFE. FOR LACK OF RESPECT FOR EACH OTHER’S RIGHTS…Linda Joy Adams


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