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John Marshall is the retired editor-owner of the Lindsborg (Kan.) News-Record (2001-2012), and for 27 years (1970-1997) was a reporter, editor and publisher for publications of the Hutchinson-based Harris Newspaper Group. He has been writing about Kansas people, government and culture for more than 40 years, and currently writes a column for the News-Record and The Rural Messenger. He lives in Lindsborg with his wife, Rebecca, and their 21 year-old African-Grey parrot, Themis.

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    You sound “old & bitter”. Your column sounds like it would be written from someone in California, not my beloved, down home, Kansas. You seem to be opposed to all that the great people in middle America hold so dear: religious liberty, sanctity of life, the freedom to bear arms and protect themselves and their families, etc. Why should everyone get to shout in the public, EXCEPT if it is in church? People don’t “check” their brain when they walk into church. Whatever the pastor says, they can still make up their own minds about politics when they walk out the door. Freedom of speech extends to ALL in our great country. The left always wants to twist the Constitution however they want things to look. They want to stifle everyone else’s rights if they don’t agree. And, if we don’t agree, they throw the fits that we are seeing on the news every day. Things are getting better, whether you like it or not.


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