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    Wolf predation on livestock. “These losses should be treated preferably with non-lethal means.” What do you suggest by that statement….to trap or net the wolves and relocate to other areas? Are there other non-lethal means available..sterilization?

    In my opinion, HUNTING/TRAPPING is the only proven and financially viable way to keep animal populations in check. Trapping/netting for relocation or sterilizing animal populations cost money and resources that most Federal and State Wildlife Agencies (due to continued budget shortfalls) just don’t have access to anymore. That is why leaving it to the public to hunt/trap these animals in structured hunting seasons is the simple answer to this growing problem.

    Therefore, I don’t agree with your position that this issue should be treated with “non-lethal” means when it is obvious that “lethal” means is necessary and the public can be a major component to this process with little effort or cost to State or Federal Wildlife Agencies.


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