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We can meet all of your website and digital media needs! We can help you with everything from Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Local Search, Social Media and build your website to show up on all devices. In a short amount of time you can go from having an out-of-date website, or no website, to cutting edge!

Who Is Rural Messenger Web Sites

Rural Messenger Web Sites is part of the Rural Messenger, LLC, a media company based in Haven Kansas. Rural Messenger, LLC, offers a wide array of advertising and media services throughout Kansas. Products include a our weekly rural-interest publication, stand alone classified and auction sites, website development, direct mail, saturation mail, printing, e-mail targeted distribution and consulting.
The Rural Messenger is a Results and Relationship Focused Organization. We build and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with our readers, viewers and clients to insure everyone’s success.  We continually add and improve our products and services to position our clients as the leaders in their markets.


As a company, the Rural Messenger develops, produces and delivers print and digital products to engage and inform readers, and promote the interests of advertisers.  We are sensitive to the content that we print and produce, seeking content that is interesting to readers, promotes good values, and has a long shelf life.  Advertising opportunities are diverse and economical, between print and digital advertising.  We constantly look for ways to deliver better results for advertisers, economically.

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