Grow Pro Genetics Acquires Syngenta’s AgriPro Soft Red Winter Wheat Breeding Program

GroPro Genetics


Bourbonnais, IL (AgPR) April 20, 2021 — Grow Pro Genetics, headquartered out of Bourbonnais, IL, has recently announced the acquisition of the AgriPro Soft Red Winter Wheat breeding program – previously owned by Syngenta.

Grow Pro Genetics is a developer of soft red winter wheat genetics – providing a critical input to wheat farmers. The business was launched in July 2020 and offers a new and independent spin on a legacy seed brand. With two locations – the central business office in Bourbonnais, IL and the primary research and development facility in Hamel, IL – the team at Grow Pro Genetics is able to develop and maintain a wide range of plant breeding activity – including varietal selection, processing, packing and testing of wheat genetics. They can offer unique features and advantages to farmers, retailers and seed companies with their two key routes to market: AgriPro branded business and private label licensing.

The AgriPro soft red winter wheat breeding program – a legacy program which was first established in 1914 – has continued to grow and evolve alongside its farmers, and now offers a blend of traditional plant breeding combined with advanced seed technology. This new venture allows Grow Pro Genetics to provide a critical input to wheat farmers.

“Ken and Allen have the experience and passion to lead the wheat program to new highs,” says Paul Morano, Head of Cereals at Syngenta.

Seed Growers and Investors Passionate About Soft Red Winter Wheat

The Grow Pro Genetics company and team was formed by a group of seed growers and investors who are passionate about soft red winter wheat and helping growers. The unique acquisition and smooth transition from Syngenta to Grow Pro Genetics represents an exclusive opportunity for both organizations to focus on delivering increased value to their customers and growers.

The sale of the program included soft wheat breeding germplasm along with the designation of Grow Pro Genetics as the exclusive supplier of AgriPro branded wheat in the soft wheat class.

“This change has already created agility to work even closer with our key accounts,” shares Ken Davis, Grow Pro Genetics’ Commercial Director.

Allen Becker, Research Director at Grow Pro Genetics, acknowledged “We were fortunate to acquire a secure pipeline of germplasm and plan to continue to build on an already successful platform.”

A Positive Outlook Lies Ahead

While wheat acres have fallen in the last few years, strong commodity prices and a successful 2020 planting season could change the trend for 2021. Grow Pro Genetics has plans in place to release new varieties for pilot production and sales this season with more broad-based access to their varieties available in 2022.

The team at Grow Pro Genetics looks forward to the continued development of sound procedures and wheat varieties that will maximize the growers’ yields and increase ROI – for the betterment of agricultural and farm operations in the U.S.

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