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George Patton

Is there anytime that we are in more danger than when the legislature is in session? Well it is probably more dangerous when Slow Joe is taking a nap. But that for another day.

We still have many people who have the mind set that Kansas is flat as a pancake and there is nothing of any interest here. Those are the people that I do not get upset about them moving on. I would much prefer that our citizenry be made up of those who love Kansas and recognise the great resources that we have. I was told in several college classes that changes on the East and Left coasts take ten years to arrive in Kansas. The internet and television, movies, and radio have shortened that time frame. Kansas has always been a populist state and a unique group of individuals. Our greatest differences have been whether you are a Wildcat, Jayhawk, or Shocker. Well times change.

The group that I believe gave voice to the greatness of Kansas has been the Kansas Sampler Foundation. Marcie, Wendee, and others managed to do something that no other state has. The group single handedly managed to bring the good things of Kansas to the attention of everyone. Their example has fostered a change of attitude of many residents even if these people do not realize it. I believe that the ‘Sampler has even changed attitudes in the Legislature. Yet there are still some who cling to the old concept of the state as being backward and hayseeds. Hey I resemble that remark!

There is a quiet potential that has been overlooked by many about Kansas. Now we have the opportunity to bring a spotlight to Kansas. A bill is in committee that is considering a sales tax rebate for companies making movies and TV productions in the state. This is finally a positive step that we can bring business to the state besides funding factories. The saying of “to make money you have to spend money” has a lot of truth to it. I have been around two movie productions that were made in Kansas and when you hear about how the cost of production it is true. Movie makers spend a lot of money when the camera rolls. There is a lot of it spent at the locations where the filming takes place.

The state and local governments are real good at giving incentives for businesses to come and expand in Kansas. This sales tax rebate program would, more than likely, work more efficiently than many other incentives. I spoke to Representative Kyle Hoffman about his stance on the bill. Hoffman is not on the committees considering the bill but is open to the concept. There is a group that is opposing the bill but I argue that this little bill will have a huge impact on not only the income it generates, but the higher profile of the great assets of the state.

Missouri does not have the incentives but they are working on them. Kansas City, MO. does have a sales tax rebate and they have attracted five television projects that are run from there.

I have been contacted by area ranchers about doing something to bring movie production to the Gypsum Hills. There are defiantly locations and resources in our hills as well as the rest of the state. We have several local producers that are making independent films now in Kansas. Our land, history, and people are ready for the movie business to grow in Kansas. If the legislature will take this step it could be advanced quickly.

Isn’t it time we promote ourselves?


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