Chronicles of The Farm Woman: Bestest


Sunday was Mother’s Day.  A national institution in these United States.  Sermons were delivered on the theme of motherhood.  Radio programs were dedicated to the mothers of the land.  Sons and daughters traveled long distances, as is possible in this day of speed, to spend a few hours with mother.  Showers of gifts were bestowed.  Flowers, candy, negligee or household gadgets, things which mother would not buy for herself.

All the gifts are lovely. They illustrate thoughtfulness and devotion.  But no material gift, however costly, can rival in a mother’s heart the sparkling eyes and the sweet childish voice which says, “I think you’re the bestest mother in the whole world.”  Households may have their ups and downs.  Storm clouds may gather and economic troubles beset them.  It is such expressions as this that give mother strength and courage to carry on.

What day be dull when the song in a mother’s heart echoes over and over again – “You’re the bestest mother in the whole world?”


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