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    Saying that Muslims could reconsider their doctrine is no different than saying Christians could reconsider theirs. It is a statement made on perception, not fact. Christianity itself started as a call to freedom from true debts and should hardly be considered something other than a religious, political and militant movement. Furthermore, Isis embodies a perverse interpretation of the Qu’ran and has been able to capitalize on areas heavily oppressed by western culture. Isis is not a reflection of the spread of Islam. Would you blame the KKK on the spread of Christianity?

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      Thank you for a cogent reply. I would agree that many Christians also have distorted the True Gospel and indeed need to reconsider the validity of their doctrines. If you view the video, you will find that Mr. Federer certainly present a lot of facts to justify his perception.

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    Thank You for your courage to speak the truth and let us see what is really going on.


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