Bioengineer takes a stand


For many years Darwinism has been the undisputed law in academia, despite its ugly history, including opening the door of Eugenics.

Any challenge of the theory continues to invite ridicule and loss of status. Surprisingly, a leading Finnish bioengineer, Dr. Jonathan Witt, has dared to face the consequences of seriously questioning the theory of neo-Darwinism in his book, Heretic: One Scientist’s Journey from Darwin to Design. Now a Christian, Dr. Witt realized that his naturalistic worldview had acted as a powerful filter preventing him from considering certain types of evidence.

He had not questioned the assumption that DNA had a lot of junk, that it would be easy to improve on it. His research ultimately revealed that the cell is brilliantly designed and that ascribing random change to the incomprehensible complexity and sophistication of a genome is absurd.

Within each cell is an error correcting device, somewhat like spell check on your computer, that is quite accurate. He compared it to transcribing the complete works of Shakespeare with only one error. The cells themselves create information code that makes software systems child’s play.

To think that each part developed separately one step at a time fails to address the fact that all parts have to be in place simultaneously. All evidence points stronger than ever to the original biotechnologist- a Creator whose “skill and reach dwarf those of even our finest bioengineers, and leave blind evolution in the dust.”  

“I will praise thee, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”
Ps. 139:14


                   by Sandra Coleman


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