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If you have followed me long you will realize that I am a historian as well as a storyteller. I am very grateful that my books have been so well received. I never could have imagined how far away that my books have been put for sale. As you know I have many interests and my favorite subject is western and Kansas history. When my health started to decline I had a decision to make, I could just sit down and feel sorry for myself or do something constructive.

Today’s electronic world has made it possible to do research and find information that would have taken many miles and hours to do. I have always been fascinated by the stories of the forgotten, stubborn, foolish, innovative, hard working, and brilliant people that have built the state of Kansas from the start. Many are forgotten in unknown graves and dank pages unread, and yet they had a profound effect on the nation and world. People used to come up to me at seminars and meetings telling me the stories from their town or area. What a better way to keep my mind and make sure that these people and happenings do not get forgotten.

My first three books about Kansas, published by History Press, are full of stories that even members of the communities and families have forgotten about. When I started writing down story ideas it has become a never ending series of discoveries. And most time during these discoveries I ran across more and more ideas. I just don’t write the feel good stories, I feel like I have to tell all the stories good, bad, and ugly. History is not supposed to be a feel good experience. We all learn by mistakes. We are all human, none are perfect. The one man that was perfect they killed. We are all born to die. All would like to be remembered and many aren’t.

I am happy to announce that my fourth book of Kansas History has been approved. It has taken me a year to write. It was a hard year and I needed the diversion. I am happy to announce that KANSASOLOGY has been approved and will be published during 2023. I thought the title of KANSASOLOGY was a good title to coin because it means the study of Kansas. It is also something that could not be forgotten.

Now begins the hard part. The publishing and business part is harder than the actual writing. I think everyone will be surprised at some of the stories I have found. A few have been the hardest for me to research. Some stories are longer than many in the past.

I am delighted to have my friend Martha Slatter Farrell write the forward. Also nothing could be done without my personal editor from Lawrence Mary Brohammer. Mary can speak the language that publishers speak. When I was told that my books had to be written in the ‘Chicago’ style I thought that the Chicago style was a Tommy gun in a violin case. Mary is also blessed with a lot of patience.

I will keep you all updated as to the progress of Kansaology and when it will be available.


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