Good News for a Good Day


Dylan Yoder

When times get tough, and the rigor of day-to-day business gets rough, I always like to remember that I have good things going on in my life. With the constant shifts in COVID news, the state of the market in just about anything, or the continuous violations of human rights in Ukraine and the subjugation of Iranian Women, it’s easy to feel down on the state of our world. However, as I’ve said before, and as I will continuously say, there are always good things happening too. There is always a happy story unfolding somewhere in the world, whether it be happening to you, your neighbor, or to someone you’ve never met before. With that being said, let’s take a look at some heartwarming stories   both near and far.
Starting first off with the spectacular displays of human rights movements that are happening in Iran today. Now yes, as I stated in the first paragraph, terrible subjugations of the Iranian women in their society have been in place for so many long years and centuries even. However, things have started to change a bit in recent times. The recent death of a woman in police custody has spurred numerous outcries from the women of the nation. Mahsa Amini was arrested on the account that she wasn’t wearing the traditional hijab, required of women in public places, and unfortunately became a martyr for the movement. As sad and frustrating as the situation is, however, it’s important to note that things are changing, and hopefully for the better. Women of Iran are starting public demonstrations of hijab burning, campaigns, and various other movements in order to gain the human rights that every living human deserves freely.
In local good news, Hutchinson’s very own Sandhills Brewery has become the recent recipient of neighborhood love. The small cozy brewery became under fire recently from the Kansas Alcohol and Beverage Control all for the reason that they weren’t making enough monetary sales. Upon hearing this news and fearing for the continuation of their business, The Brewery owner sent out an email to the community, hoping for the best as he struggled to find enough sales to keep the doors open. The following week, he had customers lined out the front of his door waiting to be served. Because of this act of kindness, the business made thousands and managed to pass through the first several hurdles he had to keep the brewery afloat.
As it would turn out, sometimes the nicest people aren’t always where you’d expect to find them. Two former Wall Street debt collectors have recently wiped away $6.7 billion dollars in medical debts of low-income families across America. They do this by simply buying loans from hospitals at discounted rates. As with every legal and medical-related thing, there’s much more that goes into it than just that, and you can find out more by simply searching the movement, titled RIP Medical Debt. Regardless, in a society without health systems in place, as costly as they are, it’s a delight to know that someone’s always interested in helping out.
With those things being mentioned, it’s important to know that there are an incredible amount of good things that happen in the world on a regular basis. Sometimes, you just have to dig a little for the good news in life. Just know that it’s there, and there are always good things happening worth being happy about. With that, hopefully, you got some good news to start out a great day.


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