Good News in Troubling Times


Dylan Yoder

In the modern world, the good news is hard to come by. Especially with all of the terrible things happening around us. As the evacuation of Afghanistan continues we see endless videos of sad and terrible things that are happening. But at the same time, we can’t forget that good things are happening in this world too. For clarification, this article is not intended to draw light away from people in dark times, rather, it is meant to show that it is also good in our world. Good things that are worth being happy about.
Speaking of the current state of Afghanistan, well, there’s not many people who don’t know the current situation. That being said, with knowledge, kindness, and the modern computer age, the internet was able to raise a great sum of money to aid the rescue of Afghans targeted by the Taliban. Six million dollars to be precise, in one day. For people who think  human kindness is dead just take a gander at those numbers. Boiled down, the money will help buy plane tickets out of the country for individuals who might be at the top of the Taliban watch list. The GoFundMe campaign was started by a New Yorker with high hopes, and I think we can all agree that those hopes made the world better for those refugees.
On the topic of rescues from Afghanistan, is Maz the labrador dog. Maz’s story is a rather interesting one. Years ago, Maz was struck by a car in Afghanistan’s war-torn streets and left for dead. That accident left him with a scar and two fewer legs. Regardless of his plight though, the delightful pooch didn’t give up and was rescued from the country to the UK a few years ago. The pup now stands, literally, as a symbol of hope for others trying to flee the treacherous nation. Let this be a confidence booster to anyone who needs it. If a two-legged dog can run, be upbeat, and be happy about his situation in life, then so can you.
In other news, schools have gotten off to a much-anticipated start of the 2021-22 school year. Many of them with little to no restrictions when it comes to COVID. Hopefully, there won’t be a call for them in the future. As we all keep our fingers crossed and hopes high I can’t help but pray that this won’t be a repeat of last year. Undoubtedly, K-12 schools and Colleges alike are thinking the same. There is good news that comes with this though, the Pfizer COVID vaccine was confirmed as fully approved by the FDA several days ago. With this announcement, hopefully, we can move forward with a smoother transition into a calmer life. A life without worry or sorrow over COVID and its destructive force upon the human race.
In conclusion, these are just a few of the thousands of good stories out there. While we continue to hope for peace in Afghanistan, we should also take time to remember that life is good and worth fighting for. That is after all, what we are doing in Afghanistan, is it not? Fighting for the good people of the world. It would be good to remember that sentiment. That good news is worth celebrating, and we ought to celebrate it together. So when you go about your day, try to be kind to others, you have no idea what they might be going through, but you do know that you’re both people. Treat each other accordingly.


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