Remembering Summer


Dylan Yoder

Over the course of the past couple of weeks, many things have transpired. Our beloved state fair has taken its course for 2022, a fourth stimulus check has possibly been introduced, and the Queen of England has passed away. Lot’s to hear about, and not much time to take it all in. That being said, that does seem to be the natural order of things. The world around us continues to happen in the most astounding ways possible. No matter how much news we take in, or information we process in our days, there’s always something more that we could know. There are plenty of ways that we can address such issues. Mostly, by focusing on the types of news that truly matter to you. More than that too, we can always find ways to  document the important things in life. For this reason, let’s take a look at some of the things you and I can do to especially remember this past summer’s events.
Now, if you’re like me, you probably haven’t taken the time to update the family photo album since the last significant event. Perhaps a wedding, or somebody’s celebration party of sorts. For me, it was my high school graduation. Since then, I just haven’t bothered to memorialize any of my saved photos on my phone by putting them in my collection of printed pictures. There’s just something pleasing about the practice of keeping memories all stored in the same place. So that on lonely days you can take a seat, flip through a couple of pages, and remember the joys of the summer of 2022. And hey, if you’re thinking that you didn’t have enough memories to put in for the summertime, then this is your sign to get up and go make some more. Go to the state fair with some friends for goodness sake. There are always fun things to be done, and memories to be had.
In terms of remembering specific news events, well, unfortunately, much of the news in the media today would be better forgotten. There are, however, a couple of things here and there that are worth remembering. That stimulus check I mentioned previously would be one of them. We could all use some extra money, and hey, if you qualify for it, why not take money out of the government’s hands? Additionally, it’s important to realize that not all news events are bad things. There’s plenty of good news out there, I should know, I write an article on it every month or so. News of festivities like county fairs, or cookouts, are always good things. Furthermore, news of human goodwill, although rare, does happen, and it’s always heartwarming to remember that humanity does have good in it, and they show it consistently.
Now perhaps it’s just me, but I love reminiscing about the nostalgic moments of simpler times. I have since learned that the best way to revisit those memories is to discuss them with the people that you initially had them with. Perhaps that’s an old-fashioned idea, but I love getting together with old friends to discuss the memories of my childhood, and why wouldn’t I? We had such great times together, does it not make sense to appreciate the good times with a long conversation or catching up with one another?
With all these things being said, it’s important to note that while remembering the summer memories is important, making new memories is more so. We have our memories to cherish, not to relive. There’s always room for more photos in the photo album, or in my mom’s case, there’s room in one of the thirteen separate photo albums we own.


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