The Wacky World


Dylan Yoder

We all know that things are weird. More specifically, our world has changed so much in the past year and a half that almost anything would seem normal. A perfect example of this would be the Pentagon’s recent UFO report. Now, if you’re like me you just did like thirteen double-takes on that phrase. I assure you, it’s a real thing. The real question is, why didn’t you know it was a real thing? The answer to this is simple. We simply didn’t think about it. We have spent so long taking in bizarre news over this past year now that a new piece of information was just adding onto an already massive pile. That’s not the only wacky thing that has happened in the recent past either. That being said, let’s look at some weird things that currently exist in our world.

Starting with an elaboration of that bit in the introduction. So yeah, the Pentagon recently was shown to have files on what they know of UFOs, or as the Pentagon has recently taken to calling them; “Unexplained Aerial Phenomena (UAPs)”. Later in this month, the Pentagon will provide an unclassified report to Congress specifically about these UAPs. Now, to burst the bubble. While it is still unclear what the files entail, it is unlikely that any files released to the public will directly show evidence of extraterrestrial life. That is, if there is any to hide in the first place. It is important to remember that the existence of UAPs does not confirm the existence of aliens, nor does it dismiss it. These files simply show the public what the Pentagon knows, or at least, a little piece of what they know. What do you think? Are the UAPs simply a miscommunication of government branches and other nations? Or something far more sinister?

Next, a story of something that you should never try at home, or anywhere for that matter. A 17-year-old girl in LA decided to “fight a bear” when faced with a dangerous situation. Step back and take notes Russians, because this American is braver than most. Now we all know that dogs are territorial, but when a bear decides to climb a stone wall in their backyard, you would think that they would give it some room. Rather, the several dogs that lived at this residence began to attack the bear to little avail. The wild animal, agitated, began taking swipes at these dogs, a terrifying sight to behold. Instead of running to get help, this California girl took matters into her own hands and pushed the bear off of the stone fence it perched on and got her dogs to safety. With only scrapes and scratches to show for it. Don’t fight bears, kids or 17-year-old Californians for that matter.

Those two stories are just the tip of the iceberg. There are tons of wacky and weird stories out there, like a man who returned a Bob Dylan album to his library, 48 years late. London sky pools, a drug dealer by the name of “Big Cheese” in Liverpool, and many other oddities in this world. Another great source of laughs and head-scratching would be the great state of Florida. I swear, every time I see “Florida-man” on the news they’re doing something incredibly bizarre. Regardless, the point of these stories is not to shed light on weird things, but to throw them in your face. It’s a crazy world, and you all need to hear about it. Just kidding, but really, humans are weird.


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