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    Fort Riley has had a rodeo association, it was called the FORT RILEY RODEO ASSOCIATION.IT was started in 1990. Wayne Cummings was the first president. At time it was the largest association in the military with 90 members, followed by FORT HOOD RODEO ASSOCIATION at Fort hood, Texas. Both associations were planning compitions, against each other. The unique thing about the Fort Riley association was,it married up with the IPRA (INTERNATIONAL PRO RODEO) out of Pauls Valley, Oklahoma. The IPRA allowed the soldiers from Fort Riley (active duty) to join them their association, at half the price of the PRCA !!!! WHAT A DEAL !!!! our soldiers jumped all over that one, with the backing of the Commanding General it was a win-win situation.I think another reason the IPRA was so good
    to us was we had adopted their rules and by-laws. We had cowboys scattered throughout central USA every Saturday. We were blowing and going, then the Iraq war started, needless to say that put an end to all military rodeos. If you want more info contact me at (254) 291-1099. glad I could provide more information.


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