Healthiness Is Most Essential

A Cowboy’s Faith


“There is nothing more important than a person’s health.”

Many want more money, a champion horse, a new mansion, a fancy car, or a worldwide vacation.

While that’s fine, they are all worthless if one is not completely healthy.

However, health is a two-sided issue that includes physical health and mental health.

Sadly, physical health is often taken for granted until one is stricken by a devastating ailment. Life makes a completely negative turnaround and sometimes will never be the same again.

Likewise, a person’s senses and body appendages are often not appreciated until forced to do without. Many people must wear glasses to see and aids to hear which are not uncommon reduction of senses. Others lose their ability to smell, and taste as well as other body senses.

Losing a finger or portion of one creates an initial hardship to which one generally becomes accustomed. That is much less serious than losing an arm or leg.

Artificial limbs have been developed so people can maneuver, but it is a major hardship. Personal attitude makes a difference on how individuals acclimate to such adversity.

Likely more serious than physical health is mental health. A subject often ignored in previous generations; mental health has become a publicly serious problem for all ages.

Old age often brings on memory loss in various degrees sometimes defined as dementia or Alzheimer’s. Considerable research has been done to help reduce the complications. Most of it has been unsuccessful with early detection and treatment, infrequently giving limited positive outcomes.

A controversial issue is mental health seemingly becoming more of an issue in children. Either earlier generations did not have the problem, or they weren’t aware of it. Perhaps juvenile mental health issues were ignored or excused by “they’re just different.”

Personal opinion is that youth would have less psychological concerns if they spent less time on cell phones and computers. Those who have daily chores don’t push so many technology buttons and seemingly have an improved mindset.

Perhaps becoming a more known issue today is bipolar disorder, which several coworkers and acquaintances have been identified with. It is a serious mental illness that causes extreme mood swings and depression.

Reminded of First Corinthians 6:19: “Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, honor God with your body.”




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