Large Farm Tractor Demand Expands With Overall Machinery Sales Down

Down the Draw


Comparatively higher grain markets and often well above average yields evidently hastened big farmers to buy equipment before year’s end.
Sales of four-wheel-drive tractors and combines were up in November, according to the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM), Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
“While total sales markets are down, sales of larger ag-focused equipment continue to be strong,” said Curt Blades, AEM official.
The overall reduction in numbers is attributed to small tractor sales, which were experiencing unprecedented growth during the pandemic.
“However, with large tractor and combine efficiency, it’s easy to see why those segments continue to grow,” Blades evaluated.
Total farm tractor sales for November 2022 were down 14.5-percent from 2021. Year to date, 250,688 total farm tractors were sold through November 2022. That’s down from 293,099 a year earlier.
Sales for two-wheel-drive under-40-horsepower tractors in November were down 27.9-percent from 2021. There were 8,266 November sales, down from 11,470 the previous November.
Through November 2022, the Association of Equipment Manufacturers official said 163,105 tractors had been sold in the lower horsepower category. That’s down from 200,768 at the same time 12 months earlier.
November sales for two-wheel-drive 40 to 100 horsepower tractors were down 10.7-percent with 4,055 sales, and 4,542 in 2021.
Year to date, 60,969 of the mid-horsepower tractors had been sold, down from 68,316 a year earlier, Blades noted.
Sales for two-wheel-drive 100-plus horsepower tractors in November were up 6.2-percent, with 1,278 sales, compared to 1,203 the year before.
Through November, the Association of Equipment Manufacturers official said 23,665 big horsepower tractors had been sold. That’s up from 20,878 at the same time in 2021.
Sales of four-wheel-drive tractors were up 7.1-percent in November, with 165 sales, compared to 154 the previous November.
A total of 2,949 four-wheel-drive tractors were sold nationwide through November, down from 3,137 by the same time the previous year.
Sales for self-propelled combines were up 8.3-percent in November, with 314 sales, compared to 290 a year earlier.
The Association of Equipment Manufacturers reported 6,535 combines had been sold through November. That’s, up from 5,646 at the same time last year.


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