Longer Life Resisting Repose




“Rest and relaxation are over rated.”

Sometimes, it seems there’s nothing better than a long night’s sleep.

That is than a nap after dinner in front of the fan when the sun’s boiling down outside.

Or, when there’s a whole barnyard of work to do, snow drifts hip high and thermometer’s zero for days.

Admittedly, cowboys deserve a break from hard work sometimes.

In reality, sleeping in, on Sunday morning to 6:30, seldom hurts much of anything. That is unless that first calf heifer had problems, the 5 o’clock check would’ve been made; there’d be a new born baby.

However, the problem with us, and seemingly more of the population, relaxation is taking priority over the essential work.

The fact soaked in when reading advice for senior citizens. “Resist rest” was recommended for those looking for longer, healthier, happier lives.

People who have worked for many years deserve a time to relax. They’ve paid their dues, so to speak. Many have enough financial stability they don’t have to work like essential for decades. No timeclock to punch.

But, many go extreme with nothing demanding. It’s easy to overdo the rest: sleep in late, take a morning nap, slip in an early afternoon snooze, just a quick shuteye before supper, doze during most of the boring TV show, wake up in time for the news, but instantly sound asleep such that must get up and go to bed.

Main activity for many seniors, majority perhaps, according to the writing, is sleeping and eating. Both main reasons for being overweight, heart attacks, strokes, weakness, unable to get up and down, walking difficulty, grouchiness, complaining and much more.

Sleep less, eat less and do more. Eight hours are ample sleep. Three small meals a day with beef, potatoes and coffee provide needed nutrition.

Then, walk, exercise, plan, think, work on personal or volunteer community projects. That’s the prescription for living to be a hundred.

Reminds us of Psalm 116:7: “Relax and rest, because God has showered you with blessings.” Still, First Thessalonians 5:6: “Let us not rest as many do but be awake alert and watchful.” Yet, Proverbs 23:3: “When dining be on guard to not stuff yourself.”  So, Acts 24:16: “Therefore, always exercise and discipline bodily appetites.”  Then, Psalm 3:5: “I’m up again rested, tall and steady.”



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