I remember a true veteran


According to the dictionary, a veteran is “a person of long experience.” To those of us who are now living in the “golden” years, we have supposedly learned a lot during our time on this earth. Hopefully, we have put at least some of our experiences into action and live by them each day. If not we have definitely lived a wasted life.


Experience has taken place no matter what kind of life we have had. For instance, I have learned that life is a continuing process. I know that without asking God for help, many of those life situations do me no good. Realizing that sometimes I flub up and have to seek God’s wisdom or that understanding doesn’t help me, I have to be aware continuously that I need to keep learning until I go to heaven. I have found there is no time for self pride because the moment I do that, all the good things I have become aware of, vanish into thin air.


We all have to go through this type of learning in one way or another. After graduating from seminary, our son John was a pastor in church ministry for 8 years. Later, he joined the U.S. army as a chaplain and retired as a LTC army chaplain last year, having been in as a regular and then a reserve for a total of 23 years. He often told me that a truth he learned was “the ministry of presence.” When a soldier had a problem or a worry, he wanted the chaplain to be right there with him, guiding him along the way with both his attendance and words. Therefore, he tried to be in attendance with them it their maneuvers and at camp instead of holed up in an office.


Our world has made a tremendous change within the last few years. Those of us who lived in the 30s and 40s of the 20th century and are still here today, have seen a tremendous transformation in the everyday world. The things we held so dear in earlier times are the very things that are being made fun of in this century.

Some people have begun to let go of their previous convictions, believing that they can’t “be an old fogy!”


Perhaps that contributes to the way our country is continually “falling away from God!”


We who are over 70 have seen both worlds and can actually see what has taken place. We have experienced the joy of knowing that if we want something bad enough, we can do it, with God helping us. There is nothing to be gained by doing everything to become rich in money and material goods. Our satisfaction comes in doing the things that God has ascertained us to do…not for our own but His glory.


For example, a couple weeks ago I went on a 2-day trip to Kansas City with two ladies for the Christian Women’s Club group. Naturally the two former teachers, Dena and Barb, negotiated the directions and sat in the front. I, being a teeny bit older than they could relax in the back seat and do a little snoozing. I couldn’t help over hear part of their conversation concerning the changes in teaching that have occurred.


I realized how totally different it was from our day. I knew these two teachers were “veterans” at teaching and were ideal in their day and age. They had a real helpfulness about those around them, just as they had been as teachers. I could remember the instructors of my day and what a difference they had made in my life. It wasn’t the amount of money spent on each child but the interest the teacher showed each student. To be a good teacher, you have to have the gift or calling to be the best. These two veteran teachers were and still are.


At our Stonecroft Convention in Kansas City, we met the newer officers of today. Of course, they were much younger than the originals (and me). It made me realize again how much and how fast our world is changing. This will require some


Then, on the other hand, my sis and I went to Newton today to check out some things I need to know about our ancestors of the past. We were going to tour the Warkentine House but found out they are now only open on Saturday afternoons.


We checked the book store only to find out the one I was seeking is no longer in print so I may need to check the Internet. I need this for more info on my book.


Somehow I, as a true veteran of life, need to establish the old and the new and have it make sense in the book I am writing. I wonder if this is actually a possibility or is our world as we have known it beyond the stage of reason? The only one who can help me now is the only one who knows all things and of course, that is God.


It is the next morning now as I am finishing this. The results are now in concerning our latest election results of our country. The outcome tells us there is still something to work with for our country. Readers, let us all be true veterans and be vocal and a worker to keep our land close to God!


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