Influencing What Is Controllable

A Cowboy’s Faith


“Don’t worry about things that you have no control over.”
As his sons were loading old hay out of the big barn loft, a most devout longtime farmer friend visited.

The conversation rambled nonstop with considerable wise evaluations about life’s twists and turns based on faith, family and experience.

Everyone has certain power to influence most of what does occur. Many times full outcome is not which desired, envisioned or wanted. Yet, personal input heavily impacts end result.

Still, there are certain realities one must face with no alternative whatsoever. Everybody is physically born and everybody bodily dies. Not a thing period that can be done about that.

Overthinking about the hereafter can cause nightmares, cringing, chills, and even waking from sound sleep bright eyed shaking all over. That doesn’t do any good. Life is what it is and always has been

However, a person largely determines what happens from the beginning to end and henceforth.

Yes, there are uncontrollable circumstances that will occur, completely incomprehensible issues come up which must be handled.

Often these are very sad, heartbreaking, yet a fact of life. They were unpredictable, shouldn’t and couldn’t have been worried about and must not be over deliberated about afterwards. Other than becoming more accepting, wiser, and appreciative of what there is God’s will be done.

Modern day issues have existed since the beginning of time, but people just didn’t realize exactly what they were. Depression has caused stressful times for all mankind at some time or another. There just wasn’t a term used to describe it.

However, the mental dilemma has come to forefront more so in recent times. Confinement has prevented many the opportunities to get out, away and free the mind.

What one can do and it’s always easier to say than accomplish is get up and get going. The biggest determinant of long life is pushing ahead. Doing nothing more than resting, eating and complaining lead to an earlier grave.

Slumber eight hours, get up, appreciate physical and mental pursuits, live life, and care about others. Leisurely enjoy small portions of whatever’s appetizing, drink water or coffee.
Consume what nature freely provides; sun, wind, love, faith are the best medicines.

Reminded of Second Timothy 1:7: “Spiritual faith endows power, love, and sound judgment resulting in self-control, calm, well-balanced mind.”



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