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Michael Connelly

I always need a break from writing about politics. I need to tell stories that are timely and that does not work up my liberal friends, and besides politics are just plain insane. Last time I finally got back to politics and sure enough my tried and true my favorite liberal went on a rant.

In just over 100 days Slow Joe and the Roman’s in Washington have taken the hey day of America and kicked us back to the days of Jimmy Carter. I remember the days of Jimmy and the loan sharking rates of 26%. I remember the time when a good friend of mine said that every blue silo was a headstone for a bankrupt farm. I saw the heart break of the farmers who were failing left and right. The times when banks did not care about breaking a customers business. The times of a banker that knew his customers and were willing to work with them to help them proceed was past and paper geeks dictated everything.

The country was just getting over blaming the soldiers for the politicians excess. Many of those soldiers were either lost from the effects of war or were just hanging on trying to survive holding family together by sheer guts and determination. Washington has always tried to live beyond our means and the lust for power started to grow. Today many of those politicians are still there hoarding power and spending the nation into ruin.

It has taken decades but the powermaniacs have managed to ban God from almost everything. Lust and sloth have taken people to where there is no sin. A recent poll has shown that the younger generations do not believe in God or Hell and are not even curious as to which either exists. Demoncrats have brought back racism and have sharpened it into a weapon.

Past generations have been so anxious for their children to have better lives that they have paid educators to indoctrinate their off-spring into believing doctrines that have time and again failed to improve anything for anyone. Now we are seeing how the country is going in record speed and those who still support the Demoncrats when there is nothing to be proud of.

In disgust I will still write about my opinion of politics. This new hill I live on is not as high and thought provoking as the one back at the ranch. I will still keep trying to tell good stories but it is more difficult since half the country lost it’s sense of humor.

Do not forget that the old Republicans are just as bad as the Demoncrats that are killing the country now. Fortunately the Rhinos are retiring, being defeated, or dying off. The Grand Old Party is being rebuilt by younger and freedom loving citizens that realize that the Constitution and Bill of Rights are there to hinder government and allow a free and open society to give opportunities and not outcomes.

It is now up to you the voter to put people in office to represent you and not dictate to you. Time for school board members that make sure school is giving an education and not indoctrination.


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