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    Trump Arch Angel

    Pretty pathetic hate piece written here. Indeed, you dumb boomer cucks are something we’ve unfortunately stepped in, and now it’s taking forever to scrape you off our shoes via the “affordable care act” panels refusing you medical procedures, plus the Clinton Admin. totally plundering your Social Security funds, and now millions of worthless low IQ immigrant criminals whose children will totally devour the public purse and most likely view all of you childless elderly folks as easy targets for robbery and assault. But go ahead and keep your snarkuments coming, John. By the way, does anybody want to dox this guy for us? Clearly McCarthy knew what he was doing; these neo-communist liberal effeminates need to be shunned and deprived of any ability to make an income or affect the public discourse. This has gone on way too long now, and our country is teetering on the edge of disaster as a result. You just hate your own kind so much John that it gives you sick pleasure to promote everything disastrous and evil towards us. Maybe you need lift up your myopic marxian eyes and squint real hard at the situation around us, and realize that you’re definitely not high-ranking enough in the Marxist Kool-aid club to be saved from the inevitable chaos and violence you’re bringing into our midst.

    TRUMP 2016, Godspeed.

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    Sounds like someone got their poor little lib-feelz hurt by the meanie God King, Donald Jupiter Trump, who seems to actually care about his own country, a sentiment most hated by Left extremists. How sad. Don’t worry; your black jesus Obama is flooding this country with your beloved inbred muslims and African refugees with an average IQ in the low 80’s, so you’ll soon get all the “cultural enrichment” you can handle, old man. It’s gonna be sweet to watch.


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