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    You talk about Mormonism being a faith that “consigns women to male subjugation”… what a laugh. Tell me, what exactly do you think the faith of Islam has to say about women and their prescribed treatment? You have no problem with illegally importing millions of those barbarians. In fact you rush to defend the poor dears and their sacrosanct religious freedom, no matter what kind of violent and pugnacious behavior it encourages them to inflict upon us and our women and children. Quite frankly, people like you have blood on their hands, John Marshall. Your selfish hatred of your own country and culture and people, along with your effeminate lusting for anything exotic, foreign, primitive and barbaric, has resulted in the deaths of thousands of our people for absolutely no reason.

    If only the Right-wing were as effeminate and whiny as you leftists, they would accuse you of intolerance for that statement and have you fired, possibly charged with hate crime for disparaging against their Mormon prophet, Joseph Smith. Instead, Glen Beck will probably just get on air and cry some more, like one of you lefties, but without the constant litigation, which could more accurately be called “litigious emotional terrorism”. Seriously, the left-wing in America is like a fat, abusive, drug-addled single mom, constantly screaming at her kids, which is what the democrats think the American people are.


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