Emily Dickenson

Just because I have a dozen things wrong with me and that I have reached that magic age of Social Security, does not mean I am old! Even though I don’t understand the desire to walk around with a box in my hand or understand the desire to take a selfie, does not mean I am old. Just because I get riled up with the next trillion dollar proposal to spend the next three generations income is treated as a ‘good idea’. Nope I am not old.

Just because I remember real big bands, the Texas Playboys at the Cotillion Ball Room, the photos of Soji Tabuchi, Johnny Western, and Roy Clark on the walls in the Western Swinger Club, does not make me old. Or remembering the Wichita city limits on Tyler road, does not make me old.

When I purchased my first bag phone the folks thought I was being extravagant. I kept that bag phone until they just would not put calls through any more. I relented and got my flip phone. Well I kind of got to like the phone in my pocket. The battery is good for four days before recharging. It was Star Trek come to life. Well some college drop out invented an I phone. It don’t fit worth a darn in a pocket. It has to be on a charger after only a few hours. The silly things cost a fortune and there are Apps that they keep trying to sell you. Kids now do things on the phone that they shouldn’t. The concept of spelling and grammar have gone out the window along with gender. I don’t like the things, but that don’t make me old.

The news said that there will soon be a thing called 5G. Since the phone manufacturers announced that they will no longer build flip phones! WHAT!!! Just one moment there buck-o! I was just set to trade my flip phone for one of those with bigger buttons. They tell me just keep your old phone as long as it will work. Are you nuts! What about the old folks that want no part of your thousand dollar hand held computer?

WHOOPS! I guess I am old!

Let’s see, grouchy, opinionated, techno idiot, not willing to change, DAGGNABITT I AM OLD!


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