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My husband Ervin, and I are quite happy to report that we have rectified the horrible after-taste of the not so great Cajun/Creole food we experienced last weekend, North of Kansas City.  Ervin got to researching and found a scratch kitchen in Springfield, which may become our new home away from home!

Saturday evening we visited ‘The Big Easy Grill’ off East Sunshine.  Directly across the street from Sam’s, in a small strip mall.  Momma’ Mia, it was awesome!  I think we both re-ordered everything we ordered the week before.  It was simply outstanding.  There is a small dining area in front and also a larger dining room in the back.  The dishes are made from scratch upon ordering.  If you enjoy Cajun and Creole like the Uhrig family you won’t be disappointed.  Oh yes, we even had dessert, the bread pudding was divine!

This week as I was pondering a fun meal or two for Memorial weekend I decided to present a seafood and sausage boil.  It’s a simple meal, and the prep is also pretty easy to prepare:  kielbasa sausage, shrimp (still grey, not cooked yet), corn on the cob, red potatoes and spices.  For dessert, I’m skipping the strawberry desserts and going for key lime pie.  Another layed-back dessert that’s a great closure for the shrimp boil.  If you can purchase key limes that’s great, but regular limes will also work.

As you make the key lime pie remember to research the story behind this wonderful dessert.  It was created by a ships cook with the limes carried on board the ships.  Remember sailors were nicknamed ‘limeys’ because they ate limes in order to ward off scurvy.  Key lime pies were also made with sweet condensed milk because in those days canned milk was all they had in Key West.  Also do not put limes in a professional juicer machine because the green and white skin goes in too.  This generates a very bitter key lime pie.  You will need to squeeze these with a small electric juicer where you extract only the interior juice.

I’m also in the mood for hamburgers, beans and potato salad.  Guess that will have to be another meal over the big weekend.  Mmmm…don’t forget the fresh Vidalia onions for those burgers either.

As we reflect upon this Memorial weekend let us remember the reason for the holiday. Our country has lost so many men and women enabling us to enjoy our freedoms.  We also reflect upon our friends and family members who have gone before us and cherish the wonderful memories.

Key Lime Pie

By Emeril Lagasse

 Graham Cracker Crust for 9 inch pie.


2 whole eggs, slightly beaten

2 cans sweet condensed milk

1 cup lime juice, (I use fresh squeezed limes, about 8!)


1 cup sour cream

2 tablespoons powdered sugar

Lime Zest to garnish

Set oven at 350 degrees.  Beat the eggs and stir together with the milk and lime juice.  Pour into the crust and bake for 15 minutes.  Remove and cool at least 2 hours before adding the topping mixture.  Spread the topping thinly over the filling.  Add the lime zest just before serving for best color and presentation, etc.  Refrigerate.









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