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    Merry Bauman

    Names are such fun. I was supposed to be Diana Donez (A Native American name passed down in our family.) I was born a strawberry blond and the name, my parents later said, just did not fit. So, I was named Merry Margaret. Merry for my great-grandmother’s maiden name, and the name she had given my dad’s favorite Aunt – who never had kids.
    Margaret was my mother’s first name. As I was the first of five, the names got more and more interesting. John Arthur – after a favorite uncle and my dad’s dad. Sydney Sharon – after my granddad on mom’s side and something to go with it. She has been Sherry since infancy. Melody Ann was because she thought having her own “Merrie Melodies” would be cute. Last, was our half sister – born when mom was 43 and in between my oldest children. Margaret LaWanda Donez – named for Mom, our Aunt LaWanda and even though she was blonde too, she got the middle name Aunt LaWanda had – Donez.
    My own four kids were named for family, and one for my favorite boots – Justin.
    I had Ricky, Justin, Julina, and Shawn. Naming each one was a special task, and it required a lot of thought.
    It sounds like your mom did ok. My husbands both changed their first names, because they just never fit them. As adults they took the name that they always felt they should have had.
    I guess it is good you can do that if you really don’t like what you are given. lol


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