Breaking up is hard to do


Over the course of our 12-year history, one practice has been something of a signature of ours: mailing of papers to homes of our readers.
From the beginning, we recognized the benefit of this method of distribution as it brought the Rural Messenger into the home and onto the reader’s coffee tables, A practice that was expensive and arduous, we stood by it until the past few years as we increasingly found the reliability of postal delivery faltering.
We’ve since gradually moved an increasing amount of our distribution to over the-counter delivery via our half dozen or so employee drivers. A regiment of committed, loyal and effective individuals on wheels who get the job done, on time and with a smile on their face.
We’ve found using our drivers over the postal service attractive and reliable. So much so that we are now moving our primary method of delivery to them, using the postal service only for a nominal number of deliveries to temporarily market new readership areas and service paid subscribers. We make no guarantee that those mailings will be received. We regret having to make this change.
We are not alone. There’s no newspaper publisher I’ve visited with in recent years who hasn’t recognized a marked decline in postal services and reliability. There’s no reason to belabor this issue further, other than to specifically note that our working relationship with many postal employees has been, and continues to be, exceptional. Their efforts stand out; we thank them and they will be missed.
As a reader, you will eventually no longer receive the periodic issue by mail. Issues will be readily available at the several hundred over-the-counter locations throughout our 10,000-square mile distribution area. And the number of distribution locations, and the geographic area covered, will increase. It’s a positive change for us, and for you. A list of over-the-counter delivery locations will be available on our website,, in the near future.
As we transition and see these changes through, we can expect hick-ups. Feel free to call our office at 620-465-4636 or e-mail me directly at [email protected] I and we, thank you for your continued support and readership.
Mike Alfers


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