The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions.
Leonardo da Vinci

I get a lot of comments from readers who take exception to some of the content I print. Especially as of late with columns narrating, with various degrees of accuracy, the poor behavior of our governance and even of a few of our own neighbors.
I’m not a journalist and everyone agrees on that. But I do know the difference between right and wrong, the value in doing my homework and apportioning fair weight to the facts and quasi-facts.
To that end, I print opinions which I don’t agree with as well as those I do. There’s value in those. Turning a blind eye to those simply denies us an understanding of the full scope of an issue.
In the past we’ve labeled the occasional submissions from readers as “columns” or “guest columns.” Now they will be labeled more appropriately as “letters to the editor.”
Columns from our regular columnists will continue to be labeled as columns.
Editorials will come from me exclusively and state my opinions.
Keep these distinctions in mind as you consider whose feet to lay your agreement or disagreement at.
Letters to the editor can be submitted at;
The Rural Messenger
PO Box 485
Haven, KS 67543-0485
Or, email to [email protected]
You are always welcome to contact me directly at 620-966-7557.
Mike Alfers


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