Editorial: It’s time for answers


      By Mike Alfers, publisher.

As The Messenger has recently reported, things are heating up over an apparent effort by the City of Haven to wrest control of the Emergency Medical Service that serves the City and three townships. The EMS was established as a shared benefit for the City and townships. It has been managed professionally, with costs apportioned fairly among who pays and who benefits. It has been a sensible and equitable system providing a vital service to the mutual benefit of everyone involved.

No one we’ve talked to at the City is willing to admit that the City wants to control the EMS. An explanation is due, starting with the expense of this flare-up. Litigating and appealing this matter, with all its complexities, so far has cost more than $40,000 in taxpayer funds.

The direction and momentum for this venture is coming from somewhere, but no one will own up to it.

Before spending even more and further alienating township friends and neighbors, the City should state clearly whether it wants complete control of the EMS, and why – or declare and document that the original 1977 agreement stands, to the mutual benefit of all, as it has for more than 40 years.


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