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I received bad news over a year ago. I heard the company that made Neccos went bankrupt and closed. I have been addicted to the chocolate Neccos for 10 years or more.
I never particularly liked the rolls that had all the different flavors but I fell in love with the rolls of chocolate only. I was always mad because the multi flavored rolls only had one chocolate one in it and it’s always been my favorite.

When they started to make the rolls and all the little discs were chocolate I started buying them from Smith’s Market in Hutchinson. I always bought the whole box of 24 rolls at one time. That way I always had some on hand and didn’t have to continually drive down to South Main to get more. I would warn the store about 2 weeks in advance that I would need another box so I didn’t go in and clean them out.

The chocolate Neccos are low sugar, fat free, low calorie and gluten free. So what is not to love? They are the only guilt free chocolate I know of. They are my baseball treat while I watch the Yankee games during the summer.

I’d ordered a box from Smith’s Market a month before I needed them. When my husband told me that the company had closed I ran down to see if they had the box I had ordered. But they didn’t have the one I asked to be ordered and they didn’t have a single roll of the chocolate ones on the shelf. I would NOT have felt guilty that time taking them all if there had been any.

When I heard that the company was going to be sold I went into a panic just like a lot of people wanting to stock pile the Necco candies, not just the chocolate rolls like I love, but the multi flavored ones too. I was on the Necco site and was surprised that one woman even offered to trade her car for some Neccos.

The stock has gone nuts and instead of dropping low with the closing of the company, it has gone really high with the panic buying. People are buying enough of the little rolls of fat free, low sugar, gluten free and low carb treats so they don’t run out for quite awhile.

I read that one woman wanted as many as she could get and was going to shrink wrap them so they would be good for years. It is too bad that we didn’t know a few months before the fact that they were going to sell the company or shut it down so we would have had time to stock pile some of them.

Then my husband told me that Neccos had been bought by the same company that makes Twinkies. I sure hope they start to produce the Neccos so we can have them again and hopefully they won’t mess with the formula and ruin it.

Well, it has been awhile since I started this story. I was in Salina shopping a few weeks ago and I was in Joann’s fabric store looking around and I just about fainted in the isle near the checkout. There sitting on the display unit for candy was a whole box of 24 chocolate Neccos and lying on top of the box was three rolls.

I grabbed up the box and yes the three extra rolls and went to the checkout as fast as I could. I was hanging onto them very tight and I am sure I had a look that dared anyone to try and take any of them from me. I sat them down on the counter and the young clerk looked at me and asked if I wanted them all.

YOU BET!!!! (Not exactly the words I used but I won’t print them) I want them all and any others you might have in the store that weren’t on the shelf. She said that was all they had. She kept looking at them and then at me like she really didn’t want to sell all 27 of them but I bought ALL of them and quickly paid with cash so I didn’t have to share any of them.

I am trying my best to ration them out and not eat them too fast so hopefully by the time I run out of this box they will be producing them again somewhere. I have started to break them in half and then into quarter pieces so they last longer. I even have the daughter of a friend looking for them in Kansas City and St. Joseph, Mo.

I told her if she finds them to keep a roll for herself. I hope she finds some and if she does she has instructions to buy all they have in the store for me. Hopefully she will find some. If anyone knows where this retired lady can find a box of chocolate Neccos, buy them or let me know where they are so no more chocolate Neccos will be postponed for a little while longer.

Post script: The chocolate Neccos are back and I need to buy a whole box again so I have them around. I still love them and they are my go to treat, and they are something that will cure my hiccups when I get them. Will get into the hiccups in my next story in the paper. Sure happy to have the hiccup cure back and available when I need it.

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