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    Merry Bauman

    Roger – In over 50 yrs of entering the Publishers Clearinghouse sweepstakes by mail, and now online in about every day’s emails, not ONCE have I ever won a darn thing! I have spent money on stuff I needed once in a while, but their idea of postage and handling is a bit high. Usually if I wait a while, it will turn up at Walgreens anyway. I never use my actual physical address, because I don’t get mail there. I get it at the Peck, Ks post office. THAT is the address they refer to when they promise the checks and balloons. I think it is rather amazing that all those winners you see on TV got “surprised” and they were dressed nice; had their hair done; make-up on; lawn mowed; and everything looking perfect. Yeah right! Show up at my rural house on a Saturday morning, and you do NOT want to put THAT on a TV promotional. lmao If my old dogs don’t keep you out of the yard fence, and you make it to the front porch, it is NOT the picture perfect place they always want. I guess I figured out why I never won then. My best bet is that they come looking for me at the Post Office. The lady there usually knows where to find me. Can you imagine if they show up at my shipping delivery address?? Wyldewood Cellars Winery. Now THERE is a place to do a TV promotional! I guess at least if they show up there looking for me, chances are I will look halfway ok, and I would definitely be surprised!!! They promise $5000 a week for life, but they are waiting until I am 90? I will be 70 in Oct. Mom is 89. I am surprised she hasn’t won either. Honestly, I agree, I have never known anyone to ever win anything from Publishers Clearinghouse, nor have I ever seen anyone in Kansas listed as a winner. Either we are overdue, or we just aren’t on their list. Even though they promised me that someone with MY initials and in Peck, Kansas was going to be a winner! Since I am the only one in Peck, Kansas with my initials – except my husband I guess, but he never enters – this should be interesting! I wonder if anyone ever sues over all that phoney stuff they promise?
    Oh well, back to reminding ourselves we are rich in the things that matter, and money can’t buy everything. God bless, and say Hi to your mom for me.


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