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    Merry Bauman

    Roger, I feel your pain. My daughter was recently told she had cancer. By God’s grace it was caught early and the surgery got it all. My daughter-in-law in Alaska has not been so blessed. She had stage 3 breast cancer at 36, fought it and won. Now, a few years later, she has stage 4 metastasized cancer. She is, again, fighting it with the tools available, but it is incurable. The best we can hope for is a remission and more time with her teenage daughters. It is so devastating to everyone. I am angry too, because I know it is a huge business for the lucrative pharma-industry. I don’t think as long as treating it makes such billions for industries involved, they will ever allow a cure, or try the natural alternatives that might just work. It is a sad time for so many.


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