Roger’s View From The Hills: I Am Angry


                                             Bede Jarrett
     I am angry and I will not apologize.  I have had an ongoing hate with the most insidious word in the human language, CANCER.
     I have related before that I have lost both Grandmothers, and most of my closest friends to cancer.  It has been such a soul wrenching experience that the continued fund raising for the cure, that has gone on all my life that I can remember, seems to have been to build a multi billion dollar industry.  You may think that I have gotten cynical.  Well yes I have.
     Two of my friends I could have held in my arms like a small child as the insidious disease wasted their bodies away before our eyes.  And the pain they felt cut through the soul.
     We lost one of our families best friends not long ago to the beast of cancer.  As the learned specialist assaulted her body with treatments it turned out that the body took the hit and the cancer thrived.  It is hard not to be totally angered by the system.
     I know that there are good people that are doing their best to beat this scourge of mankind.  But I am hardened that with all the money thrown at these problems, the last thing that was really totally beaten was Polio.  Even it is making a comeback because of laxness of people.
      What brings this to a head for me?  You may or may not know who Joey and Rory Feek are.  They are a really talented and entertaining couple who is in Country Music (the real country music).  They have a TV show on RFD TV.  Rory is from Kansas so ties us to his success.  We love to see Kansans do well.  Rory is a successful singer and song writer who has made a mark in Nashville.  Joey is his equally talented wife.  They live on a farm in Tennessee and have a music venue on the farm that they do a lot of great things from.  They are just plain nice people that you would love to have for a neighbor.
     I have never had the opportunity to personally meet the couple.  My music circle has not allowed the meeting to happen.  But I am a fan and as all fans have followed the pregnancy of Joey and the birth of their daughter who has Downs Syndrome.
     Not long ago cancer was detected in Joey.  She has had surgery and has been undergoing treatment.  The latest scan showed that the tumors have returned and many more have appeared.
     They have had the dreaded conversation that no one ever wants to have with their doctor.  The “I’m sorry but” conversation.
     They have a time expectancy.  They came home and threw away the calendar and are concentrating on living not dying.  Which leaves only one thing that I and anyone else can do.  PRAY.
     Just as I do not want to see one more person die from war, accident, crime, and more.  I do not want to see someone die from cancer.  Can we be so impersonal that we can accept another death from something, that we as a people, are given talents from God to overcome?
     We know that we start to die the moment we are born.  Some believe that our ‘expiration’ date is set before hand.  But given free choice from our creator has to mean that there is a choice, be it ours or someone who is ordained to move that time back.  Doctors and scientists have worked under the mission to do this.  It seems that to a skeptic and someone who is angry that other things have come into play.  We kill our unborn, play bloody online games, engage in destructive behavior, encourage suicide, and relegate the aged to warehouses.
    Yes I am angry.  I would hope that that anger could be directed in a satisfactory direction.  In the meantime I Pray for Joey Feek, Rory, their family and friends.  Normally I try to not write when angry.  This time I think it is appropriate.


  1. Roger, I feel your pain. My daughter was recently told she had cancer. By God’s grace it was caught early and the surgery got it all. My daughter-in-law in Alaska has not been so blessed. She had stage 3 breast cancer at 36, fought it and won. Now, a few years later, she has stage 4 metastasized cancer. She is, again, fighting it with the tools available, but it is incurable. The best we can hope for is a remission and more time with her teenage daughters. It is so devastating to everyone. I am angry too, because I know it is a huge business for the lucrative pharma-industry. I don’t think as long as treating it makes such billions for industries involved, they will ever allow a cure, or try the natural alternatives that might just work. It is a sad time for so many.


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