NO GOOD TIME FOR HICCUPS (Wishing for a cure or prevention for hiccups.)

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When I was in high school I started having hiccups about 30 minutes before lunch and nothing would stop them until I ate something. I could never stop them with drinking water………even with the suggestion that if I bent over and tried to drink it upside down. That only got the floor and my shoes wet because I spilled most of it, and that made me mad which made the hiccups worse.
Some of the kids in the class would try to scare them out of me and all that did was make them worse and louder. So they finally gave up on that because all that did was get the whole class in an uproar and make me mad and the hiccups didn’t get any better.
I remember when I was around babies in our family that the first thing the mother would do was to get a spoon full of sugar and give it to the baby and it usually worked. I am not sure what the science is behind that but it did stop the hiccups for the baby.
I have found that for me a piece of chocolate will work and stop them immediately, probably the sugar content if the theory of a spoon full of sugar works on babies. I guess a piece of chocolate would have enough sugar in it to stop them in adults.
A friend told me that she always holds her breath and counts to 25 and that will stop hers. I haven’t tried that yet but will the next time I have them. But if that doesn’t work there is always my stand by cure for them. I always have some chocolate around the house so when the sweet tooth kicks in and always for my hiccups.
Okay…. the hiccups started while I was writing the last paragraph. I tried holding my breath and counting to 25. Other than turning blue in the face, the second I took a breath they were back. So that doesn’t work for me. Off to get a milk chocolate chip or two and get them stopped again.
I have a Hiatal hernia and that can also cause hiccups to occur. But they are not the run of the mill hiccups. They are louder and harder and last longer than regular hiccups. But so far the chocolate helps to settle them down when the medication I take doesn’t manage to keep them away.
Surprisingly a sip or two of a carbonated drink, my dink of choice is coke, and I always have a coke at hand to sip on during the day and that seems to help me. My cures might not help other people but they sure work or me.
Sure wish they would come up with some thing that would keep them away. It sure is annoying having them especially because these hiccups are never quiet. One thing that does work pretty well is laying flat on the bed. I never have them at night so the position must have something to do with it.
But I don’t always have time to go and lay down flat on the bed or I may not be at home so that cure is out most of the time. But I have a little insulated mug that I keep coke in all day and it has a lid that closes on top so if we go somewhere I can take it along. Plus a lot of restaurants don’t have coke and I don’t like the other cola choice so I always have it with me. So my cure is usually with me.
But I sure wish I could find a cure or prevention for these hiccups so I didn’t have to deal with them because there is no good time for hiccups no matter where you are. To contact Sandy: [email protected].


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