‘The Working Cowboy’s Life’ Is Storybook Combining Ranch Character, Poems, Pictures, Fun, Sadness, Faith

For the Love of Horses


“Every cowboy has had their fair share of experiences to remember, relive, forget, and ignore.”
Not many have the ability to share them with the rest of the world.
Bruce Brock of Cottonwood Falls can.
Longtime acquainted with Brock, first time a decade ago doing a story about the local-legend cowboy jack-of-many-trades and beyond. Several others before and since have written stories about Brock who is a published author in his own right.
At an Extension Board Christmas gift exchange, the office professional selected a package where Brock’s latest book had been wrapped. Arrangement was others could “steal” a desired gift if they didn’t want to unwarp an unknown.
So, the book was “stolen,” and reading has just been completed. Titled “This Working Cowboy’s Life,” the bound-composition features Brock’s stories, poems, and illustrations with Biblical support.
His personal description: “The good, bad, and embarrassing with a little faith thrown in.”
Copyrighted last year, this third book he’s published is dedicated to his parents Merrill and Nancy Brock.
“Dad was a carpenter who always seemed to hit the nail on the head. Mom is a retired schoolteacher specializing in reading and seems to take pride in selling my books.
“Above all, my parents taught me morals, values, and the love of God.”
Self-described, Brock has “Many God-inspired talents, cowboying, carpentry, art, leather worker, poet, author, playing the guitar, song writing…”
He admits: “Not all of these talents a person would consider me an expert, but I do my best.”
A quick read, Brock’s 84-page paperback includes true yet sometimes exaggerated short stories about real life experiences. Written in cowboy terminology, some words and descriptions are clearly defined for the most lay reader.
Youthful days in southeast Kansas to working vast Colorado ranches to Flint Hills experiences are uniquely related. Often quite “funny” to those who’ve “been there, done that,” yet sobering “life as it really is.”
Once picked up, readers are unable to lay the volume aside. Story telling intermingling poetic prose with meticulous true-to-cowboy-life artwork generate a natural feeling of comradery. Carefully considered Biblical scripture magnify spirit of the cowboy and his writing.
“I believe God loves every human being no matter their race, age, gender, or religious belief. He doesn’t like the sinful things we do. God sent Jesus to pay for all our sins on the cross. All we have to do is accept Jesus as our personal Lord and Savior. He is the only way to God and salvation.”
In summary Brock’s heartfelt blessing to readers is expressed from Second Peter 1:2. “Grace and peace be multiplied unto you through the knowledge of God, and of Jesus our Lord.”
In an original biographical feature story printed on January 20, 2013, Brock had a vision. “My goal is to publish a book of my cowboy poetry portrayed with my artwork,”
A decade later almost to the day. “Yep, this cowboy is (still) an architect of leather, art, poetry, all relating to the Flint Hills way of life.”
Perhaps the best thing about Brock’s latest book now in this ranch library is the author’s personal autograph. “To Frank, See you down the Trail. ‘+’ Bruce.”
“The Working Cowboy’s Life” can be acquired through [email protected]

Working on a leather project in his shop a decade ago, Bruce Brock of Cottonwood Falls has just published his third book.
One of several copyrighted illustrations in the third book published by Bruce Brock.
“The Working Cowboy’s Life” is a book of stories, poems, and illustrations by Bruce Brock.


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