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This past weekend was a whirlwind of how much we could get done in a 3-day weekend! Some things got started and put on hold due to a weather change. But basically speaking the Uhrig household will be ready for winter when the cold winds blow. I’ve been doing windows and cleaning porches, even painted one door. Cleaned the garage, started on the basement and in amongst all that I worked on four cakes and the meat portion of a large pot of chili, due at the close of the week. Then there was some mending…., I’m telling you we have been busy beavers. I have to go back to work to rest! Next weekend is flower re-potting, sure wish my dad was able to come help on that one.

With the football season going full steam, fall parties, hayrides, Halloween and all the joys of autumn it’s the perfect time to throw out a few white castle burgers.
I’m especially excited because we purchased half a beef this past year and I’ll get to use my lean beef, on a pan of these yummy sliders.

Prepare yourselves because these will go very fast at a gathering. Especially if any of your guests grew up on White Castle Belly Bombers! Yes, that’s what they were referred to. I just remember they were ten cents each. We had them on Friday nights when we drove into St. Louis for the weekend. It was something unique that we didn’t have back home, and they were so good. My husband, Ervin, tells the story of when he was in college at William Jewell, in Liberty, Missouri. A bunch of college buds were hungry for White Castle burgers so he rode to St. Louis and back, (sleeping most of the way) just to enjoy a burger! This is back in the day when he drove a school bus route, like he does now! Now those are die-hard White Castle fans. After that time White Castles came to Kansas City, and then….they left again.

Ervin actually brought this recipe home to me from two gals at his former workplace. As usual I went through and made my own personal adaptions as they are presented below. I think they’re something different, and they will also evoke quite a few memories. One of my two contributors uses a package of onion soup mix instead of the dry onion which you will find in this recipe. My reason for the change was based upon the additional sodium content. One of the ladies also used Velveeta cheese. Sure, you can certainly use Velveeta, it’s all a personal choice issue.

Be sure and make a good choice of bread for this recipe. I enjoy using King’s Hawaiian Rolls because of their size & flavor. Other quality rolls will work equally as well. Sometimes explaining how the rolls are placed is a little difficult. After the cheese goes down lay the bottom of the roll over the cheese and sit the top of the roll over the bottom. As you remove each serving you will simply ‘flip’ the slider onto the plate and put the top bun on at that time.

I think both young and old will enjoy. Make sure you use a pan that has a ‘side wall’ like jelly roll pans or a 9 x 13 cake pan as indicated.

Embrace the day! Simply yours, The Covered Dish. www.thecovereddish.com

White Castle Knock-Offs
(Makes one dozen)

1/2 cup dry onion flakes
Water to cover onion flakes
1 1/2 pounds ground beef or chuck, totally thawed
6-8 slices American cheese
1 dozen, Sweet Hawaiian Dinner Rolls,
(Can use something comparable.)
Thin sliced dill pickles
9 x 13 glass baking dish
Small rolling pin or empty can

Rehydrate dry onions by covering with water and microwaving for about 4 minutes. Monitor as microwaves can vary. If there’s any liquid left, drain onions. Now sprinkle the onions evenly across the bottom of the dish. With your hands sprinkle the 1 1/2 pounds of beef across the top of the onions. Using a rolling pin, (I used an empty can because it fit so well inside the baking dish.) compress the meat down tightly in the bottom. Slide the meat into the oven and bake for about 10 minutes. Remove and drain any excess liquid/grease from the meat. Return to the oven for about five more minutes and again remove any extra juices if it’s necessary at all.

Take the cheese and place it across the top of the meat. With a serrated knife cut the dinner rolls in half. Place the bottom of each roll face down against the cheese and set the top of the roll over it. Return to the oven and bake for approximately 5-7 minutes.

When you place the rolls into the pan space them out evenly. When serving you will cut a square around each roll. Use a spatula to serve inverting the lid of the bun to the top as you go. Garnish with dill pickles. The pickles can actually go in the baking pan, I prefer to serve them on the side so the guests have a choice.

When served as a main entrée expect to use 2-3 per person. Everyone loves these so be sure to make plenty for your dinner or party!

Special Thanks to Kathy Wittmuss and Christina Anderson for getting me started on this fun recipe!


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