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At what point will the American people acknowledge that we are engaged in a war? What does it take to face the truth? We are burying thousands of our people and it is a deliberate attack on our nation and all the free nations of the world. The problem is that we are being betrayed by people in power and those who grasp for power. Since the process of dumbing down the people started over one hundred years ago the skills of critical thinking and comprehension have dropped to the point that when told that bad is good and good is bad, people just go along with it.

Part of the problem is that the language has been slowly changed and what is horrendous seems to just be ordinary. I do not like nor participate in polls. However, the latest poll has shed almost undeniable results about what the average American feels. When the latest catch phrase is used it seems that all the guilty parties get named. The latest Demoncrat talking point is that you, I, anyone that they dislike are DANGERS TO DEMOCRACY. Well the same poll and catch phrase that is used also backfired on the news organizations that are running with the phrase. 85% of all Americans think that the News Media is ‘the danger to Democracy.’

Let’s stop here and straighten out the language. Democracy is not what we THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is and have ever been. I keep screaming to the sky that we are a REPRESENTATIVE REPUBLIC! You cannot even get conservatives and patriots to stop using the Demoncrat label! Democracy is mob rule.

We have a President who has been implicated along with his family, in milking their positions for their own benefit. We have elected officials who spend way more than their salaries to be elected and retire millionaires. The last real Democrat, Harry Truman, said, “show me a rich politician and I will show you a crook.” Yet the media and party support the obvious law breaking and are tearing down our republic.

China is shipping Fentanyl not as a prescription drug but as a dangerous substance to drug cartels in Mexico. Our officials are allowing millions of people and drugs to come over our border on a daily basis. Drugs disguised as candy are blatant attempts to murder our people. Are cartels declared the label ‘Terrorist Organizations’? No. Does Homeland Security do anything to make the Homeland safe? No!

Here is another point about changing the language. Using the term OVERDOSE is simply stupid. No one is taking a poison to get a high and just goes ‘whoops’ I got too much. The poison is being disguised and most people are not overdosing, they are being poisoned. Saying OVERDOSE gives the implication that it was just a doper that got what they deserved. Dagnabbit they were poisoned. A kid killed when his Halloween candy is tainted is not taking and overdose, HE IS BEING MURDERED!

When will you stand up to school boards, and unions,that are trying to propagandise? When will you not tolerate politicians that look down their nose at you and send the bums home to their ice cream? When will you not take what a talking head tells you as truth? When will you start raising a prayer to heaven and not do what you just darn well want to do? When will you stop cancelling people who insist on thinking for themselves? When will you hold to account those who are destroying our nation and corrupting our lives?

China, North Korea, Iran, and Russia know how to enslave people. Will you put the chains on yourselves?


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