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Nowadays it seems like controversies are lining up around the block to be presented to you in an easy-to-view manner. Disagreements and political differences are more prevalent now than they have been in a while, and we are all the lesser for it. But that doesn’t stop people from doing bizarre and crazy things on a daily basis, and that’s exactly what we are going to take a look at today. A bunch of crazy people doing preposterous, bizarre, and perhaps even ridiculous things. So if you like hearing stories about dumb people, buckle up.
Allow me to let loose like a wild animal because that’s exactly what happened at the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium in Nebraska a couple of days ago. Now, I’m no expert, but I’m willing to bet that keeping the animals in their respective pens is the best course of action when you’re a zookeeper. To be more specific, the escaped animal was an adult male Indian  rhinoceros by the name of Jontu, and no one other than a padlock got hurt in the process of his great escape. According to zoo officials, Jontu left the pen, grazed in a nearby grassy area, and returned. No harm no foul, unless you were one of the zoo guests that got locked indoors for the 50-minute duration of Jontu’s lunch break. By taking proper precautions and employing some tasty apples, the rhino was eventually coaxed back into his pen.
For this next bit, I would like you to consider your most prized possession. Whatever it is I’m sure it’s not as great as the one that was recently attained from Kruse GWS Auctions, based out of Los Angelos. To be more precise, a lump of Elvis Presley’s hair. Sold, with extensive documentation for $72,500. If you couldn’t tell, that statement was sarcastic. I mean really, who has 70 grand lying around for a clump of hair. I won’t judge though. We all have our wacky obsessions and gimmicks. In addition to the hair, a jumpsuit and plane tickets from Elvis were also sold for obscene amounts of money, but the hair sounded more interesting so there you have it.
Revisiting our first topic, it seems that wild animals are a hot topic this week as a herd of zebras was spotted just outside the quaint town of Upper Marlboro Maryland. Honestly, part of me wonders what the animals think in that situation. Are they just thinking “FREEDOM” or is it more along the lines of “wait this isn’t the savannah…”. Regardless, I’m sure they had the time of their lives. Similar to the last animal incident mentioned in this article, the suspected culprit of this sudden release was an improperly latched gate. A mistake that resulted in some interesting stories to be sure. The latest report on this front says that Animal Control is on the scene as well as the local law enforcement, the herd is now in a field where feeding stations have been erected, in an effort to corral the zebras in.
That’s all for this week’s Wacky News update. In times such as these, we feel it only right to remind you that people are weird, and more than that. Life is weird. Nevertheless, it goes without saying that the wackiness will continue, and we’ll be there to write about it. So get out there, be crazy, have some fun. We just may feature you in the next article. Just kidding, y’all are wacky enough as it is.


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