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New Winding Roads


Woodlief, Tony

Sand in the Gears: Fair

I’ve been working on contentment, which mostly means I’ve been praying for God to help me be content in whatever circumstances I find myself,...

The beast without

“Isaac’s being a jerk,” my seven year-old, Isaiah, says about his older brother. They have been sledding over new-fallen snow. “Why do you say that?” “Because...

Temple of bones

Every baptism in the Orthodox Church entails an exorcism, as I learned last Easter when I was baptized into the Church. It was nothing...

Sand in the Gears: When He is Silent

A reader whose younger sister recently died wrote me to ask how I endured, during the time of my daughter’s sickness and death, the...

Politics, porn, and football

Some of you may like my attempt, though it probably deserves more thought, to articulate why we pay little attention to big-money sports in...

Spot of grace – best of

I stepped out onto the wet sidewalk this morning and looked up at the sky and tried to see whether the grey clouds were...
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