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Cattle Chat

Cattle Chat: Preventing injury with good flooring

Well-designed cattle handling facilities take into account the terrain the cattle will be walking on MANHATTAN, Kan. — When walking across a wet or icy...

Cattle Chat: Managing feed resources in the summer

Adjusting cattle diets to depleting pastures MANHATTAN, Kan. — As summer advances and the grazing pastures begin to mature and dry up, beef producers may...

Cattle Chat: Optimizing hay cutting for cattle digestibility

Cutting hay when the seed head first appears is best for nutritional value MANHATTAN, Kan. — For farming and ranching families, summertime often brings with...

Cattle Chat: Managing for pinkeye

Pinkeye prevention and early diagnosis are two keys to cattle eye health in the summer MANHATTAN, Kan. — Anyone who has experienced dust blowing in...

Cattle Chat: Investing in genetic testing

Accurate records important in maximizing value of genetic tests MANHATTAN, Kan. — The saying ‘knowledge is power’ often rings true in making decisions, and in...

Cattle Chat: Caring for first-calf heifers and calves

K-State beef cattle experts discuss the dietary needs of first calf heifers and the importance of water to nursing calves MANHATTAN, Kan. — Each season...

Cattle Chat: Managing heat stress in cattle

Knowing the signs and mitigation strategies will aid in cattle performance over the summer MANHATTAN, Kan. — On a hot summer day, people often dress...
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