Master Gardeners Garden Tour is Saturday June 8th


The annual Master Gardeners Garden Tour is Saturday in Reno County.

“We’ve got Gardener’s Dream at 3007 Northwestern,” said Kay Deaver with the Master Gardeners. “Then we’ve got Natives Pathway at 3004 Cornell. Highlands Hidden Treasure at 10120 East Snokomo. Quilt and Iron Garden here in town at 119 West 9th. And then the HutchCC Demo Garden behind the Student Union where parking is.”

You can get advanced tickets from any Master Gardener for $10, or pay $12 at any of the gardens on Saturday. The event is from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

“We have to put flowers in the garden,” Deaver said. “Those flowers are expensive. They’re getting more expensive every year. We do get some test flowers from Ball, but what we use the funds for is to buy the flowers. Then we also have some major projects. Then, of course, we fund the flowers and the plants in the demonstration gardens, both at the HutchCC campus and at the Reno County Extension Office. Then we have garden programs at the Hutchinson YMCA and the Garden for Good out at the Hutchinson Correctional Facility. Plus, we have a monthly educational booth at the Reno County Farmer’s Market every third Saturday. And then we have Lunch and Learn educational programs. And then we’re available for small groups anytime.”

There are also prizes and vendors at the Demo Garden Saturday.

“We have not only the Garden Tour, but we have a fair, so you can come shop at HutchCC,” Deaver said. “All of those vendors and some of the local nurseries have given prizes. So you’ll be able to sign up, and there’s a contest, and there’s entry forms at the gardens. You can sign up at every single garden. Plus, we’ve brought back from 2019, we’re having the scavenger hunt. So you can pick up a piece of paper, and every garden, there’s things to find. And every garden has little, oh, things like maybe there might be a rabbit, a statue of a rabbit, or a thing, a metal flower, and if you find those things, you write down the, you know, what garden you found it in. When you’re done, you turn it in and put your name and a phone number, and you could win a prize.

Vendors at the Garden Fair on the HutchCC Campus include:

•Bloom Inc
•Hidden River Prairie Nursery
•Hutchinson Horticulture Club
•Hutchinson Iris Club
•Inland Ocean Woodworking
•Owl’s Lavender Patch
•Teardrop Farm Daylily Patch
•Three Doors North


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