$2M in Kansas Home Loan Guarantee funds to help lenders, homeowners finance rural Kansas homes


Purchasing a home in rural Kansas just got easier, thanks to a new initiative launched by Kansas Housing Resources Corporation (KHRC). The Home Loan Guarantee (HLG) for Rural Kansas helps existing and prospective homeowners in rural counties finance home loans for land and building purchases, renovations, or new construction costs. The initiative aims to close the appraisal gap in rural areas, where the cost of purchasing, renovating, or constructing a home often exceeds the property’s appraised value.

 “Our rural communities must have adequate housing to prosper and thrive,” said Ryan Vincent, Executive Director of KHRC. “Communities cannot attract jobs or retain workers and families without quality, affordable homes. We are grateful to our state leaders for allocating these crucial funds to help rural Kansans achieve and preserve the dream of homeownership.”

HLG funds will be used to guarantee the portion of a loan above 80 percent and up to 125 percent of the home’s appraised value and must not exceed $100,000 per home. Eligible financial institutions serving rural counties can submit requests to the HLG program for a guaranty. Lender requests will be processed on a first-come, first-verified basis.

Rural counties are defined as those with populations of 10,000 or less. The HLG program has $2 million available for non-recourse guaranties through the Kansas Rural Home Loan Guarantee Act.

More information for lenders and homeowners can be found online.



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