Looking for a new type of beef to raise? Consider Wagyu


Looking for a new type of beef to raise? Consider Wagyu

As repoorted in The Hutchinson News: Ranchers nationwide are looking into raising Wagyu. Membership in the American Wagyu Association has increased by 33% over the same time last year, with more than 900 members nationwide.

“We’ve experienced record growth this year,” said Robert Williams, Ph.D., the executive director of AWA. “It’s really exciting for the growth of the beef. The demand for Wagyu beef is really good – perhaps at an all-time high.”

As Wagyu beef becomes more of a household name and increases in popularity, the association wants to teach people how to raise the cattle as well as how to maintain the pedigree.

Many ranchers are breeding Wagyu cattle with Angus or other breeds. This too is a growing industry.

Wagyu are originally from Japan. Their meat is more marbled and produces a higher level of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids than most beef.

“There are certain specifications they have to meet to claim Wagyu influence,” Williams said. “It’s the highest quality product of beef in the world.”


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