Simple Lunch Bag Hack Keeps Wasps Away All Summer


Summer is just around the corner, and that means beach days, hanging out by the pool, and simply being outside enjoying the sun. Unfortunately, Summer also brings out wasps.

While everything has its place in life, wasps sting like a son-of-a-gun and they generally aren’t invited to the party. Sadly, they disagree.

Here’s a tip to keep wasps and carpenter bees away this summer!

You just need 2 things: a brown paper bag and plastic bags.
Take as many grocery bags as you need to stuff the paper bag until it’s full and “puffy” looking. Once your paper bag is full, knot the top off and tie the bag up somewhere high.

I have had trouble with wasps on both my front and back porches. I have used spray on them in the past but that stuff stinks and get sticky when it builds up from repeated spraying. I put one on each of my porches. All the wasps left and I haven’t seen one since I put the bags up. Wasps do not like hornets and they think the bags are hornet nests. Here is a photo of the one on the front porch.

To my many friends who suggested this to rid us of Carpenter Bees, THANKS!! Filling the brown paper bag with plastic grocery bags and attach to our storage building took 2 minutes. Bees were gone the next morning and now 3 days later, still gone. This “hornets nest” lookalike works.


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