Subject:   Two Health Related Exhibits at the Coronado Quivira Museum – “Vapes” and “Better Choose Me”

Rice County Historical Society


“Vapes: Marketing an Addiction” tells three intertwining stories:

  • the rise and fall of cigarette smoking and advertising in the 20th century
  • the emergence of the e-cigarette in the 21st century and new marketing strategies
  • the challenges of nicotine addiction and quitting.

These stories connect with all of us–our families, our friends, and our community.

The exhibition asks questions to begin a conversation in the community: Is vaping a “smarter” way to smoke? When will we know the long-term impact of e-cigarettes? How can we quit vaping and smoking?

Three compact, free-standing modules display examples of vape products and advertisements, videos, photomurals, and an LED-lit infographic that educate visitors about e-cigarettes, marketing by the tobacco industry, and the challenge of addiction.

The exhibit received the best “Technology Award – $10,000 or Above” in 2021 from the Kansas Museum Association.  The award was presented at the annual meeting of the Kansas Museum Association this past November.  The exhibit will be at the Coronado Quivira Museum until February 25, 2022 when it will be taken and installed at the Kansas State Capitol for Taking Down Tobacco Advocacy Day,  March 3, 2022.

“Better Choose Me” tells the story of fabric novelties issued with tobacco products from 1880 to 1920.  Brightly colored silk ribbons were tied around bundles of cigars to advertise their quality and brand names. The ribbons became a popular collectible during the

1880s, and many women sewed them into table covers, quilts, and pillow tops.  This exhibit will be at the Coronado Quivira Museum until March 25, 2022.

With increased competition in the tobacco industry in the early 20th century, new

advertising items were produced to promote regular purchase and brand loyalty.

Both silk and cotton flannel novelties were printed in collectible sets and distributed

with tobacco purchases.

The Coronado Quivira Museum is located at 105 West Lyon, Lyons, Kansas.  Hours of operation are Tuesday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  Call (620) 257-3941 for more information.



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