Update on Covid-19 and Vaccines



Hutchinson Regional Medical Center wants to keep the public up-to-date on all activities involving COVID-19 and the vaccines. Here is the latest report as of 1/6/2021.

Today’s HRMC communication includes updates on:

  • Hospital COVID-19 Numbers
  • Surgery Update
  • Vaccine Deployment

Hospital COVID Numbers

(As of 7 a.m., 1/6/2021) 

Total Patient Census- 74

COVID Positive- 17

COVID Positive on Vents- 2

Total COVID Positive- 19

Current staff out with COVID- 1

 Surgery Update

We are pleased to report we are cautiously reopening surgery to include elective cases. These are non-emergency procedures that have been postponed due to the COVID-19 crisis. Patients should talk with their doctors about scheduling procedures. The hospital has instituted procedures that will provide patient safety.

If we see a spike in COVID-19 numbers, we will reevaluate.

Vaccine Deployment

Vaccine deployment to healthcare providers is going well. So far, we have given out nearly 600 vaccinations of both Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. Three weeks ago, we gave out 257 Pfizer vaccines and started second doses on January 5. 100 doses of Moderna were given on January 5, with an additional 100 scheduled for January 6. Previously we had vaccinated 450 with Moderna.

We are estimating 870 total first vaccinations will be given by the end of this week. Pfizer second doses are not included in this total.


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