Hay market prices were mostly steady for alfalfa and steady for grass hay. Demand remains strong for alfalfa. Most of the state received some snow this past week and dangerously cold temperatures have made feeding quite the challenge. For those calving in this, you have my sympathy. Warmer temperatures are on the way be the end of the week and 25 to 30 degrees will feel like a heat wave. According to US Drought Monitor for the week of February 9th, no changes were made to the drought categories. Abnormal dryness (D0) remained at 19%, moderate drought (D1) remained at 23%, severe drought (D2) remained steady at 7%, and extreme drought (D3) remained at 10%. If you have any extra hay to sell and/or need hay here in Kansas, use the services of the Internet Hay Exchange:www.hayexchange.com/ks.php.
** Prices below reflect the average price. There could be prices higher and lower than
those published.

Southwest Kansas
Dairy alfalfa, steady; grinding alfalfa, ground and delivered steady to 10.00 higher,
movement moderate. Alfalfa: horse, premium small squares 260.00-280.00. Dairy 1.00-
1.05/point RFV, Supreme 185-237.00.00, Premium 170.00-195.00, Good 150.00-178.50. Stock or Dry Cow 165.00-175.00. Grinding alfalfa 170.00-180.00, with an instance at 190.00-200.00. Ground and delivered locally to feed lots and dairies, 180.00-195 with instances at 215.00- 225.00. Grass Hay: small squares none reported, large 4×4 squares 100.00-110.00, large  rounds 70.00-80.00; Sudan: large rounds 75.00-85.00. Sorghum: none reported; Corn Stalks: none reported; Wheat straw, small squares 3.50-4.50/bale, large 3×4 squares 80.00-90.00. The week of 2/7-2/13, 8,816T of grinding alfalfa and 1,870T of dairy alfalfa was reported bought/sold. The average paid by feedlots on February 1 for alfalfa ground and delivered was $166.41, up $5.51 from the previous month, usage was 584T/day, down 3% and total usage was 18,089T.

South Central Kansas
Dairy alfalfa, alfalfa pellets, grinding alfalfa, ground/delivered steady; movement
moderate. Alfalfa: horse, small squares 255.00-275.00. Dairy, 1.00/point RFV, Supreme
185.00-225.00, Premium 170.00-195.00, Good 150.00-178.00. Stock cow, 150.00-160.00.
Fair/good grinding alfalfa 145.00-155.00 delivered with instances at 160.00 delivered.
Ground and delivered 160.00-170.00 with an instance at 190.00. Alfalfa pellets: Sun cured
15 pct protein 190.00-210.00, 17 pct protein 200.00-210.00, Dehydrated 17 pct 305.00-310.00. Grass Hay: Bluestem, 3×4 and 4×4 squares 100.00-110.00, large rounds 60.00-90.00. Brome: large 4×4 squares 100.00-120.00, large rounds 95.00-100.00. Teff: large 3×4 squares 155.00- 165.00, large rounds 120.00-130.00. Sudan: large rounds 80.00-85.00. Corn stalks: large squares, 65.00, large rounds 60.00. Wheat straw: large 4×4 squares, 65.00-75.00. The week of 2/7-2/13 7,108T of grinding alfalfa and 343T of dairy alfalfa was reported bought/sold. The average paid by feedlots on February 1 for alfalfa ground and delivered was $156.09, up $11.17 from the previous month, usage was 277T/day, down 33% and total usage was 8,597T.

Southeast Kansas
Dairy alfalfa, grinding alfalfa, ground/delivered steady, grass hay steady; movement slow
to moderate. Alfalfa: horse or goat, 230.00-240.00. Dairy 1.00-1.05/point RFV. Stock cow
150.00-160.00. Fair/Good grinding alfalfa, large rounds 135.00-145.00, or 160.00-170.00
delivered. Ground and delivered, none reported; Grass hay: Bluestem, small squares 120.00- 125.00, good 3×3 squares 100.00-125.00, good, 3×4 squares 90.00-120.00, large 4×4 squares 90.00-110.00, large rounds 65.00-75.00. Brome, good, small squares none reported, 3×4 to 4×4 squares 95.00-125.00, large rounds 65.00-80.00. Wheat Straw: 3×4 and 4×4 squares 60.00- 80.00. The week of 2/7-2/13, 1,596T of grass hay was reported bought/sold.

Northwest Kansas
Dairy alfalfa, ground/delivered steady, grinding alfalfa steady; movement slow. Alfalfa:
Horse or goat, 220.00-230.00. Dairy, Premium/Supreme 1.00/point RFV. Stock cow, fair/good 145.00-155.00. Fair/good grinding alfalfa, 120.00-140.00. Ground and delivered locally to feedlots and dairies, none reported. Sudan, large rounds 60.00-70.00. Wheat straw, large squares none reported.

North Central-Northeast Kansas
Dairy alfalfa, grass hay, grinding alfalfa, ground/delivered steady; movement slow. Alfalfa:
horse, premium small squares, 9.00-10.00/bale. Dairy 1.00-1.05/point RFV, Supreme 185-
237.00.00, Premium 170.00-195.00, Good 150.00-178.50. Stock Cow, 150.00-160.00. Fair/good, grinding alfalfa, 115.00-125.00. Ground and delivered 140.00-150.00. Grass hay: Bluestem, small squares 5.50-6.50/bale, 3×4 to 4×4 squares 100.00-105.00, large rounds 60.00-90.00. Brome, small squares 6.50-7.50/bale, 3×4 to 4×4 squares 110.00-120.00, large rounds 75.00- 85.00; Sudan, large rounds, 60.00-65.00. Wheat Straw: small squares 5.00-6.00/bale, large 4×4 squares 75.00-85.00, 100.00-110.00 delivered, large rounds 65.00-75.00. The week of 2/7-2/13, 2,472T of grinding alfalfa and 664T of dairy alfalfa was reported bought/sold.


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