Educational Resource—Agrotourism


Information courtesy of Kansas Farm Bureau’s Education and Training division

Educational Resource—Agrotourism
Agrotourism an increasingly popular way of sharing the methods and stories of agriculture with those who do not interact with it daily. It also is a great way for agriculturalists to diversify their income.

  • From 2002 to 2012, receipts from agrotourism increased 250 percent, adding up to a whopping $710 million.
  • California and Texas lead the USA in money made from agrotourism.
  • Many operations utilize a “pick your own” model where patrons pay money to walk through an orchard or a field and pick their own produce.
  • These endeavors are not only good business investments, but also great investments for the surrounding community.
    • Many of agrotourism’s best supporters are community staples, like school groups, family reunions and events like weddings.
  • Many agrotourism operations have expanded to food production as well and market their own produce and manufactured food products.

For more info about agrotourism, read this article, or check out this Ag Lending website.

From Kansas Farm Bureau


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