Governor Brownback proclaims September as Food Safety Education Month


Do you own a food thermometer? Do you know what the ‘temperature danger zone’ is? Do you always keep your raw and cooked food separate? Governor Brownback along with the Kansas Department of Agriculture, Kansas State Department of Education, Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services, Kansas Department of Health and Environment, Kansas Restaurant and Hospitality Association, K-State Research and Extension and local health departments want to make sure Kansans know the answer to those questions and more in order to help prevent foodborne illnesses. In order to highlight the importance of food safety, Governor Brownback has proclaimed September as Kansas Food Safety Education Month.

Ensuring a safe food supply is an important part of the vision of the Kansas Department of Agriculture. Secretary of Agriculture Jackie McClaskey shared that food safety from the farm to fork is imperative in all settings.

“It’s very important we ensure to the best of our ability that every step along the food chain from the farm to the fork as safe,” said Secretary McClaskey. “Each of us has a responsibility in reducing the risk of foodborne illness. By celebrating food safety month we can share information on practical steps we all can take to keep our food supply safe and healthy.”

During the month of September, all Kansans are encouraged to engage with the department on social media to help promote important food safety tips. Follow KDA on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram to learn more about how to prevent foodborne illness.

KDA seeks to ensure a safe food supply and promote public health and safety. The Food Safety and Lodging program is responsible for food safety inspections of food establishments, food processing plants and food storage facilities.

KDA also provides free Focus on Food Safety Training for all individuals involved in the food industry, from food service professionals and food processors, to individuals working in food retail and consumers. For more information on courses and food safety visit the Kansas Department of Agriculture website at


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