Kansas Wheat Harvest Begins

Kansas Wheat


Combines started rolling in southern Kansas over the past few days after barely getting started last week. Harvest started earlier than normal because the wheat has matured early and farmers are trying to beat upcoming storms.

Overall, yields are better than expected in the area. Although the first quarter of the year was very dry, recent rainfall has helped with grain fill, and this year’s crop is looking to be much better than last year’s dismal crop. Initial reports of test weights are 62 to 63 pounds per bushel, and proteins are averaging 11 to 12 percent.

USDA/NASS estimated the crop at 267.9 million bushels in its May 1 forecast. Their June 1 estimate will be issued next week. Last year’s Kansas wheat harvest resulted in 201.25 million bushels, with abandonment at 29 percent, the highest since 1951.

Wheat crop conditions in Kansas as of June 2 were 34 percent poor to very poor, 32 percent fair and 34 percent good to excellent. Mature was 25%, well ahead of 1% both last year and average.

Harvest is expected to progress over the weekend, although scattered rains, thunderstorms, wind and hail are in the forecast.

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The 2024 Harvest Reports are brought to you by the Kansas Wheat Commission, Kansas Association of Wheat Growers, Kansas Grain and Feed Association and the Kansas Cooperative Council. Look for the first official harvest report of the season early next week.

We wish you all a safe and bountiful harvest.



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